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American Bulldogs
We are a small family farm that is working on breeding the best quality American Bulldogs.

Think About It Farms American Bulldogs are registered with the National Kennel Club (NKC) and/or the American Bulldog Association (ABA) and our foundation dogs have been genetically tested and are clear of know diseases for the breed and over 90 other genetic diseases and their sub-variants .  

Our goal as a breeder is to preserve the American Bulldog breed and return it to its historical characteristics through Phenotype and Genotype breeding.  We also apply proper nutritional practices along with supplements for joint and muscle health, practice non-impact exercises to decrease possible damage to both bones and joints, and provide educational information to not only potential buyers but to anyone interested in canine health and genetic testing.  We are working with other breeders to proactively address the benefits of genetic testing for health and breed purity.

In the past, breeders have relied strongly on phenotype when breeding which allowed for the introduction of other breeds. With the introduction of these outcrosses the purity of today’s American Bulldog in the US is in the range of 25%-87%.  In order to reverse this tendency to breed by phenotype only, it is important that the American Bulldog community work towards having genetic testing as a fundamental practice in their breeding programs. 

Each potential dog in our breeding program is put in a database (The Breeders Standard) that calculates the Coefficient of Relationship of the breeding. The Coefficient of Relationship is a measure of the degree of biological relationship between two dogs. 

Think About It Farms is working with veterinarians from both the genetic and research fields.  The veterinarians are assisting us in on the proper care, nutritional needs, exercise, determining which of the genetic qualities and behaviors are considered to be beneficial to improving the breed, developing practices of selectively breeding, and raising the dogs to promote these desirable traits.  

We participate in the NKC Confirmation Shows and have just begun participating in ABA Confirmation Shows.

One of our owners is also a National Kennel Club and American Bulldog Association  Confirmation Judge.

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